Crossfit 530

Crossfit 530 Redding Ca

At CrossFit 530, we train people from all walks of life!  Whether you are still in high school or well into your golden years, we are your destination for functional fitness! Our members who train here come in ready to work hard.  Limits will be pushed and goals will constantly be achieved!

CrossFit 530 is a community of fitness enthusiasts committed to achieving a higher level of functional fitness. You will find all types of people and a broad spectrum of fitness levels in our gym.


 Check out our awesome kids area! FREE Childcare available Monday-Friday 9-11 am and 5:30-7:30 pm!


Richard Henson
Our 60+ Master…Congrats being 10th Fittest in the World 2012!



“CrossFit has the potential to change the popular cultural perception of what exercise actually means over the next decade, and I will watch with delight as selectorized leg machines are melted down into more useful items like re-bar and manhole covers.”

- Rippetoe